What is a Bicycle Jersey?

Written by Simpson

Over the last couple of decades, it definitely seems as if more and more bicycles are out there and around most of the Western world, made a tremendous comeback, and why not? The return to two wheel travel all over the UK and the continent of Europe is definitely on the increase. Some countries like Holland, as you may well know, have had bicycle friendly sections of roads for near on half a century, and cycling there still remains as popular as ever. And cycling holidays have these days become very fashionable as more and more people want to have a holiday away from all the tourist spots are and really see somewhere new, up close and personal.

Riding a bicycle is also an efficient and a great way to escape from our over scheduled lives. Getting away from being stuck in front of TV and computer screens is a great way to get back to how things were in the good old days. Yes indeed, you may even want to leave that mobile phone behind for a change also, to really get that vintage feeling of how people actually existed not so long ago at all – and they did happily!

So, you’ve got the bike, what about the clothing?

The first thing you notice on dedicated cyclists are the jerseys. After all, they cover the upper torso and are mostly worn by men. So what’s in men’s cycling jerseys?(Apart from the cyclist!) Let’s take a look. Jerseys are lightweight garments for the upper body that are designed to allow maximum movement of the arms and neck, while at the same time, still allow the biking enthusiast to manage a comfortable temperature. They appear in short sleeved and long sleeved designs. Some are fashioned to slip over the head comfortably, while other designs have a zipper down the front.

What type do you prefer?

There is a bit of a controversy over the kind of fabric that makes the best bicycle jerseys. Some riders believe that all of this kind of cycling clothing should be made of natural fibres such as cotton. Why? Because they say that natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe and will naturally benefit cycle riders by allowing perspiration to naturally cool one’s body.

And there are others out there that believe blends of synthetic and natural fibres that create an absorption effect that allows the same capabilities, while at the same time allows the garment to appear to look fresh during rides. The truth of the matter is that both types of bicycle jerseys may be perfectly versatile, depending on the climate and the frequency of use.

Different strokes for different folks

People who use bicycles for transportation purposes may find that the blended jersey material is a better option, while the more casual kind of cyclist may find the cotton type to be perfect.

Like many people who gave cycling a try, near on most of them never went back to other forms of transport, and you wouldn’t know just why until you tried it yourself! Get pedalling!