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When Words Are Tragic, Gifts Do Their Magic!

Written by Simpson

Are you one of those who get into awkward situations because of the uncertainty of words spoken out? People born with talent to ruin moods or occasions either by saying things or being out of words are just the way they are! What should you call them boring? Shy? Unromantic? Realistic? Pathetic? No matter which word you choose to describe them, they are simple not good with words.

If you are one of those, you know how it feelings when the world assumes you to say something moving or your girldemands you to appreciate in a way that makes her feel special, and the only appropriate adjectives you know are nice, beautiful and pretty. And what about all those long passage captions on Social Media on a friend’s birthday, that’s just not your type? It’s not that you’re short of vocabulary but sometimes you’re so lazy to say out things verbally and in other cases the thoughts you have in your mind are not so suitable to say out loud. Or rather you are a firm believer of Actions Speak Louder Than Word.


Some occasions and feelings demand more than just words. Like your wedding anniversary (which you’re constantly reminding yourself not to forget) or a farewell of your colleague-cum-best-friend or maybe it’s Mother’s Day and you want to make her feel special. If you are pathetic with words, it’s okay, you can still survive in this world full of beautifully forged words and people who admire them. There is always a replacement of everything in this world. Not saying that words can be replaced by gifts but they are a nice compensation of it and when it comes to being short of words always remember your best friend Google is there.


Everyone around knows that gifts are the token of love, but personalized gifts are more than just that. They are the perfect complement to the words, feelings and your expression of love. Many of us find it difficult to select a gift for someone, especially when you are looking for something special. A special gift that could define the moments you share, the affection you have for them, the feeling you want them that how much you know them and how do you feel for that person. knows the struggle you could face while looking for the best gift for birthday, anniversary or farewell.Create your own collection of personalized mugs, pillows, t-shirts, frames and other cool stuff and express yourself with freshness.

Have any football freak Hala Madrid kind of friend, what can be better than a customprinted Tee of his favorite player. Now you can gift a personalized mug to your colleague-cum-best-friend so that he will remember you at his next workplace when he sips the coffee from the same mug!

At the end, after all it’s the thought that amounts the most. The whole idea behind personalizing a simple gift is to let the one know that this is not one of anothergift, and he or she matters a lot more to you. So, when the words go wrong, let the gifts play their song!