Types of Rugs and Carpets on Offer from the Indian Carpet Industry

Types of Rugs and Carpets on Offer from the Indian Carpet Industry
Written by Simpson

The majesty of a carpet on the floor in your hall needs no explanation. It enhances the interiors with its quiet but compelling presence, a regality handed down to us from the times of the Mughal emperors. The carpet began its humble josssssssurney in Persia and reached India.

India is a big exporter of carpets

The carpet and rug have become the huge entities in India because India is the biggest exporter of carpets in the world. The Indian carpet industry is growing. It has the biggest pockets in Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh. The backing of the Carpet Export Promotion Council of India (CEPC) has ensured the dramatic growth of the industry in India.

buy floor rugs online India

Shopping for carpets online makes sense because it saves time and effort. But, first, you must decide what type of rug or carpet you want. The rug is only a small carpet that you use for specific purposes such as in the centre of the hall or under the telephone stand. The method of manufacture remains the same but the size will vary.

That said let us see the types of carpet one can buy. To buy floor rugs online India, go to the website of the manufacturer and check the offerings there. You will find hand-tufted carpets with neat patterns and attractive chain stitch rugs. Check the material and then take your pick. You have to see to believe the workmanship of the Indian carpet weavers. You will also see the unique silk carpet made for absolute comfort while walking.

Making of woven and tufted carpets

Woven carpets are by tradition handmade or made by a machine using the same process for making them. They weave the yarn around warps and then locked into place by horizontal strands. They remain robust and they make them from either pure wool or a blend of wool and nylon in the ratio 4:1.  Using this blend makes the carpet exceptionally durable and resistant to water stains. It retains shape well and has good resistance to fire. Since they make them with fibres having natural colour, they keep their colours for a long time than if one were to print the colours on the surface of the carpet. Traditional carpets are either Axminster or Wilton. Both these carpets are durable and have superior quality. The tufted carpet has good sturdiness and is hard-wearing. They push tufts of yarn fibre through the base material using a needle. Once they do this, they dye the carpet to the needed colour. You can also use a mixture of hues to get thepattern you like.

Choose material from the website of supplier

To see more of the carpets and rugs online check the website of a supplier. They will show you an exquisite collection of intricately created rugs and carpets. Among the many varieties available you will find handloom rugs, hand tufted rugs, bathmats, leather rugs, and table tufted rugs there for your picking. A beautiful carpet is a jewel to treasure. Proper care will keep it in good shape for a long time.

Be careful when you choose the carpet maker for buying your floor covering. Make sure that they have at least ten years’ experience in the carpet making industry. Only experienced people give you the best goods.