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How to choose perfect Roller Skates

Written by Simpson

Roller skates are used for various recreational activities as well as professional sports. Roller skates due to its versatility has gained lot of popularity and different age group people intend to purchase it. But if you are new to this activity, lack of general information about the skates can take you aback at first making your choice difficult. One should surf over net to gather information about different and then decide on which roller skates to buy according to his need and use.There are many roller skates available for various type of activities, following list of activities might help in making your buying decision easy:

Types of skating activities:

  1. Casual or recreational activities: if you are looking for roller skates for fun and a means of quick transportation, you can go for any of the skate like-inline skates, quad skates, tri skates or Cardiff roller skates.
  2. Fitness skating: if you are looking for skates for workout or burning calories purpose, you can choose any roller skates from inline skates category.
  3. Speed skating: if you want skates for racing sports similar to ice speed skating, you can choose from inline skates category.
  4. Aggressive skating: this is sport which involves an extreme performance on various masterful tricks including jumps, slides and acrobatic stunts in the air. If you are looking for roller skates suitable for this activity you can choose from inline skates.
  5. Artistic skating: it is a kind of sports similar to ice figure skating comprising a number of disciplines like dancing, freestyle etc. for all these activities one can choose from the wide range of quad skates or inline skates.
  6. Roller derby: it’s a roller skates sports which has two teams with five players each and includes activities like racing, bumping and wrestling. One can go for quad skates for this activity.

Selecting new pair of roller skates depends on various factors:

  • The level of commitment
  • Your budget
  • Size of the skater
  • Purpose of the skates- you require for indoor skating or outdoor skating
  • Colour and design
  • Wheels size, diameter and hardness.
  • Feet structure

A brand new skater can go for a low budget roller skates whereas a professional skater can go for higher quality and budget of skates. Depending on the skill level, one can easily choose the desired skates. Before buying roller skates always try them and check whether they are made for your feet or not.  Never rush on high value-priced stakes. Always have your aim clear, you should know the purpose of each designed roller skates and according to your discipline your decision should be made. Selection of roller skates also depends on the boot structure- hard boots and soft boots, it should be done with respect to your practice. Keeping a note of all this can help in choosing the right roller skates.