Alternative Smoking Satisfaction

Written by Simpson

                Technology has started to take over a lot of aspects in our lives, such as in our recreation like smoking. How can I say this? Well, scientists and engineers have been making a way for several years now on how to look for and provide alternative smoking satisfaction for cigarette users without actually using a regular tobacco cigarette. All these when you buy iqosheatsticks.

                So, why is that when you use and buy iqosheatsticks, you will still achieve the satisfaction you get just like when you use a regular tobacco cigarette? In comparison, iqosheatsticks do not contain smoke but these still have the nicotine and a taste that can still surely satisfy existing smokers – both long time and newbie smokers. Scientists have focused on how to provide an alternative smoking satisfaction through two ways, both which eliminate tobacco burning. How? Well, first is by heating the tobacco in order to produce a flavorful vapor that contains nicotine all the while reducing the levels of harmful chemicals present in the vapor. Compared to a regular tobacco, a regular tobacco usually contains almost 6,000 chemicals that can be triggered and more harmful when the cigarette is lit by the smoker. Second is that the nicotine-containing vapor produced through the use of heatsticks can give a satisfactory feeling to smokers, both old and new,in the sense that there is still the thought of producing vapor over the course of using the cigarette.

                When you buy iqos heatsticks, as well as other heated tobacco products, you will be amazed as to how scientists have really developed products that offers smokers the alternatives to satisfying themselves through smoking. The two breakthrough products of scientists are products that use an electronically controlled heater, just like the heatsticks, while the other product uses carbon as a heat source. Heatsticks basically have three components in order for consumers to make use of it. These are the tobacco sheets or HEETS, holder, and charger. In a nutshell, the user inserts the HEETS inside the holder in order to begin smoking whilst the charger is used to recharge the battery of the product. On the other hand, TEEPS is the product that uses a carbon heat source present at the end of it. When ignited, the lit carbon heat source then provides energy to heat, and not burn, the tobacco.

                All in all, venturing into the alternatives to smoking may not only be beneficial and satisfactory just to you but to other people as well.