Keychains a multi-tasker

Written by Simpson

Keychains are a basic requirement that everyone needs if he owns any key. Without it, your key is most likely to get lost. This would leave you trapped. The keychains hence save you from being trapped. Just like minions would do. Well, not just this, there is a lot of similarities between keychains and minions. The basic one is already told, let’s talk about the rest. Both keyrings and minions are cute. Everyone wants to have a keychain same as everyone want to have a minion. They are the most helpful character. A keychain can be used to serve other tasks as well just as minions can do a number of tasks

Smartphone stand

Are you tired of holding your smartphone all the time? Maybe you are watching the movie for a long time and your hand is numbed because of the continuity of the smartphone in your hand. Well, this can be where your keyring with the perfect structure to hold up your phone can be made use. Now you can Skype all along and not worry to hold up your phone all the while during the call. You see the smartphone stands up for you just as a minion stand for help.


Are you up for a party always? Wine is your favorite drink, isn’t it? Well, but the trouble here lies with opening the bottle. Not everyone is specialized to open the cork with his or her bare hands. If you try and you fail, you make a fool out of yourself. So keep the trail for some other day, or better to say, try it at home alone so that no one sees you. Besides the party have a key ring for you. Ohh I mean a keying with a corkscrew. You see open the doors as well as the bottle of celebration. It an easy hack.


While this is the age of smartphones that have an inbuilt torch. They, however, aren’t completely reliable. There may be times when the light goes off and unfortunately your phone goes dead. You have nothing to do right, except for hoping that the light comes fast. No! You are wrong. A torch keyring could come to your rescue. Not all love darkness; you can save them from the darkness and be a superhero.


Therefore, you see how helpful is a keychain. It can be used not just to hold your keys but do a lot of task in a row. A small thing but a warehouse of its own, similar to a minion. If you like minions than you can also have minion accessories. A nation keychain with the help you want from them. Minions’ key chains are of greater popularity and are widely available at the minion stores all across.