A Few Facts About the Vikings

Written by Simpson

Vikings are one of the most interested yet, least studied group of people in Europe. Least studied, as in not that no one was interested in studying about them. But because their writings and all were very poorly developed. Hence, historians have mostly guessed about them. When we hear the name Vikings, there are certain aspects and a figure that comes into our minds: people with well-built bodies, strong and fearless, who ran attacks brutally. There are yet, so many things that we do not know about them. In this write-up, we will take a look at some of the interesting facts about the Vikings. Just to keep you interested, do you with what are the viking wedding rings made up of? To know about it, read through the article till the end!

  • In the Old Norse language, the name Viking means: “a pirate raid”!
  • Did you know that the mighty Thor and Loki were Gods that the Vikings believed in? If you did not, they were two of the Gods in which these folks believed in. Thor was the God of thunder and Loki was a master of transformation; he could take the form of any animal.
  • The Vikings were famous travelers. They travelled from one place to another, raided it and plundered it. But these people we’re also known to keep good trading relations with the others.
  • As we have just seen that the Vikings were great travelers, they were excellent boat builders too.
  • When an important Viking died, their body along with their ornaments, clothes, belongings and even their animals was put in a burial ship. This ship would then be covered with Earth or lit up on fire and the pushed off into the seas.
  • Did you know that the Vikings discovered and visited the continent of America even bore the famed Christopher Columbus? Apparently, they set their foot on the shores of the lands belonging to the American continent; which now are known as Canada at around 1000 BC.
  • Fish was the all-time favorite food of the Vikings. The extreme winters did not stop them from having their favorite food. During the summer season, they would dry fish and store it up for winter.
  • During a Viking wedding, the bride and the groom exchanged their own family’s ancestral swards. The viking wedding rings, were made from these swords.
  • I am sure that all of you remember the werewolf, Fenrir Grayback in the Harry Potter books. Did you know that this name was inspired by a very ferocious wolf, huge in size that belonged to the Viking mythology? If you did not, then now you do!

There are several more of the facts that are yet to be uncovered by expert historians. Hope they do real soon so that we all can learn more about this interesting group of people during the historic times.