How to Stay Clear of Hangovers after A Night Out

How to Stay Clear of Hangovers after A Night Out
Written by Simpson

Drinking alcohol is fun especially when in the midst of friends. Excessive drinking often results in hangovers and lack of concentration. Hangovers are simply the side effects of excessive alcohol intoxication. They are the exact signs the body releases after the alcohol leaves the body. Most hangover signs and symptoms include nausea, headache, dizziness, no appetite, thirst, and fatigue. The level of alcohol severity will always depend on the amount of alcohol you drunk, what you had eaten before, and your body strength. If you want to avoid hangovers after drinking bought from one of the best 24 hour alcohol & drinks service covering London, here are some great things to do.

Maintain Moderation

One of the key factors that trigger hangovers is excess intoxication. The more alcohol you consume, the severity of the hangovers you will get. To keep off hangovers after a night out, you have to drink with moderation. Drink the amount of alcohol that won’t affect your ability to think clearly, walk well, and act responsibly. Don’t drink the same amount as your friends. The amount of alcohol that can produce hangovers in is not the same as the one that can trigger hangovers on another person.

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Drink Enough Water

Alcohol makes you pee more. Drinking excess alcohol will end up causing dehydration. Dehydration may not be a common cause of hangovers but it often leads to dry mouth, thirst, fatigue, and headache. To keep off the effects of dehydration after you spend a night out drinking with friends, it is usually advised that you drink as much water possible in between the drinks.

Keep Off Drinks With Congeners

One of the main ingredients that make alcohol is ethanol. It is normally formed when sugar yeasts are fermented. During the fermentation process, congeners are usually formed. Congeners are toxic elements and they often include acetone, methanol, and isopentanol. Alcoholic drinks that have higher amounts of congeners are known to trigger more levels of hangovers. Some of the alcoholic drinks that have high congeners include tequila, whiskey, and cognac. Keep off these drinks if you want to experience less or no hangovers after serious drinking.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of enough sleep comes with serious side effects. It makes you unable to concentrate. It may even lead to headache, stress, depression, and fatigue.  Not sleeping enough after drinking heavily will often lead to common hangover symptoms like irritability, and fatigue. When you sleep for the required hours after heavy drinking, your body will recover easily and chances of getting hangovers will be minimized.

Nobody wants to experience hangovers after they spend a day or night drinking alcohol. However, this is a common side effect of intoxication that can only be avoided by taking the right safety precautions. Above, we have outlined some crucial safety precautions for you to keep into consideration when you are thinking of spending a day or night drinking. Since drinking the wrong alcoholic beverages is one of the core causes of hangovers, we highly recommend that you order for genuine and quality alcohol from the right 24 hour alcohol & drinks service covering London.