What could be an interesting part about the Beer Pong table

Written by Simpson

In this generation, there are a lot of games that have a vital role in making the People happy and interested. Feature different tricks that you can feel the thrill that only game can make you the experience. A game will be more excited when it is served in different kind of parties. In an adult party, the presence of alcoholic drink and mainly includes the beers and with the great music. With regards to this setup, there is a beer pong table that handles the fun. This can be found and buy in

What is Beer pong Table? This is also known as Beirut, one of the drinking game wherein players will throw a ping pong ball across the table. And will aim for the landing of the ball in the cup of the beer. There is a triangular shape as the formation of the game. This game can have 6-10 players or more as long as it will be fairly divided into two groups.

There are certain rules and guideline playing in the Beer Pong table. The one who will direct the game will also be the one who will set up the whole game. The first thing that he/ she must do is to set up the game. With the 10 glasses beer on the table with preference measure. This must be in a triangle shape. Must have the ping pong ball, and two groups of the player must be ready. The first who will get the chance to win will depend on the result of the first throw of both groups. Must throw the ball, but with an extra challenge. They will start to throw with their eyes to each other and not in the ball nor on the beer. This will challenge them for an extra effort to get the chance to win first. The one that will get the ball in first will have the biggest chance to win the game. Players treat this as their advantages to the other group.

Another basic rule in this beer pong table is that a player must put their elbows behind the edge of the table. Wherein this rules sometimes break during the parties. As people tend to enjoy the game and forget the proper way of using a beer pong table. This is called racking when you throw the ball but your elbows are not in the right position. Then maybe it can be considered to have your turn again and try your luck. Another is the term bouncing or also known as swatting. This term used for the games guideline, as there are instances that a player can accidentally throw the ball in the glass of beer without any efforts and intention. The ball is automatically removed in the glass and will try to throw with the same player. Hence, if there are 2 cups remaining, the rules is that it can’t be counted as in 1 cup only.


This beer pong table, help to celebrate any parties, holidays to become more colorful and meaningful. With its natural features in colliding people.  And also enjoying the company of each other while having fun in the game.