The different types of water softeners

The different types of water softeners
Written by Simpson

Water softeners are the much-demandedequipment to have it at home. With the number of water softener on the rise, it has been much difficult to decide on the right type of water softener for the house use. To get to know the right type of water softener one has to keep it in their mind the different types of softener that they are available to them.

Once that is noted and understood then the perfect conclusion can be achieved the perfect way. Therefore in this article along with, we provide you the different types of water softener that are available to you and the advantages that they provide.

Non-electric water softener

The whole world is using electricity to power up the whole system. However, with the non-electric water softener that is not the case. The water pressure powders the non-electric water softener. This is a good option to be held in your house if you worry about the electricity bills that you would be getting at the end of the month. Because of the non-electric power, the whole system is easy to install and takes away all the headache off the head.


To have the water softener to be running smoothly one has to keep adding salt of the smooth running of the water softener. One of the advantages of the non-electric water softener is that it is highly reliable and is sure to last you for a lot more years.

Metered water softener

This is the most economical water softener as compared to the rest of the option. This softener would regenerate only when a pre-set amount of softened water is used despite the amount of time it takes. This thing helps in under generating as well as over generating the water softness.

In this case, too, the whole volume depends on the height of the people. The more the number of people the more should be the volume of the people.

Time clock water softener

The basic water softenerdepends on the clock water system. This is used to regenerate the water at a particular time interval at the time that is mentioned. The softeneris known to regenerate at the time interval that is mentioned. That is done irrespective of the volume of the water that is required to regenerate.

One of the disadvantages with the tie clock water softener is that no matter the water level of the water softenerthe salt that is present would be wasted away.

These are the types of watersoftener that is normally used in the recent times you can use the one that you like the most.