Helpful Tips When Choosing A Coffee Press For Everyday Use And Home Kitchen

Written by Simpson

Back in the day, there are just a few coffee press options for you to choose from. Still, of all the equipment decisions that you have to make, selecting a good French Press should be one of the easiest. Your decision will depend on how you use it and how often you are going to use your machine. So here are the options for you:

Coffee Lover On The Go!

If you are an ‘on-the-go’ person, choose an all-in-one coffee press travel mug. This is where you brew the coffee right in the mug. Convenient right? If you choose the right one, it would fit in your car’s drink holder. However, make sure that you choose the right one because some of them have seals that are not that good and some of the coffee would spill out of the mug.

Coffee Press For Travelling Or Camping.

If you travel a lot with a group of people or if you want to have good coffee while camping, consider the portability and durability when choosing a coffee press. However, if you are traveling alone, consider the option for the coffee lover on the go. But if you want to have more coffee while enjoying the campfire, then you will need a coffee press that can give you a higher volume. Click here to buy one of the best coffee maker.

Glass Or Stainless Steel French Press.

Now if you are looking for a coffee press for your home kitchen or your office, you have two options – stainless steel brewer and glass. Some people would choose one from the other but there are factors that you have to consider before making your decision. If you like seeing your coffee while you brew, then consider a glass brewer. It can break but there are glass options nowadays that are more sturdy and have protective frames. But if you spend a long time to drink your coffee, then a stainless steel coffee press is better because it can retain heat longer.

  • Cafe Du Chateau – 4 Level Filtration System. This is by far one of the best glass coffee press in the stores these days. It comes with the most amazing features that you can never find in othe
  • r coffee press products in the market. If you want to be convinced, here are the features that come with the Cafe Du Chateau:
  • 4-Level Filtration System. With a double stainless steel screen filter and a durable plunger. It also comes with a final top lid strainer to ensure you of a pure brew.
  • Made Of Finest Quality Materials. Each metal piece is 304-grade stainless steel. Its large carafe is made of thick borosilicate glass.
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. If anything happens to your coffee press, there’s no need to buy a new one. Replacement is free of charge!
  • BPA Free. every material used surpass the food/drink grade quality requirements. It comes with certified lab tests to back it all up.

So what are you waiting for? If good coffee is what you are looking for, then take note of the options mentioned above. If you prefer a durable coffee press, Cafe Du Chateau is the best choice for you.